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24 Hr Theatre Challenge

Incomparable Passion

Engaging. Creative. Inspiring.

Join us for a truly memorable experience. We have put a great deal of effort into making this performance unique and inviting. Want to learn more about what 24 Hour Theatre has in store for you? Register to join today!

24 Hour Theatre Challenge is an exciting time for you to get involved in a unique pressure cooker theatre experience. You are challenged to write, direct, rehearse, build, produce, and perform a play, all within 24 hours!  At the end of the show, an adjudication panel will ask the audience to indicate their choices according to the specific categories of best actor, best script, best director, best tech, and best overall production.

Here’s how it works:

Participants will register online individually but will come to Bellerose as a group, including a director, 1 tech and no more than 3 actors. Tech will participate by handling behind-the-scenes tech positions like stage-manager, props, lighting, and sound.

On Friday, Sept 27th at 3:30pm the 5 person teams will meet in the Bellerose Cafeteria.

You will have a timed duration to write the script, direct and then act out your plays from memory at 7 p.m. the next day. There are some award categories presented at the end of the evening.

This event is open to anyone. Students, faculty, staff, and high school students in the area are all welcome and encouraged to participate.

It has been called the “most spontaneous and unpredictable theatre show”!

Award Category Winners

Take a Look


Best Overall Performance

Sept 28, 2019

24 Hr Theatre Challenge Winners

Best Use of Tech

Sept 28, 2019

24 Hr Theatre Challenge Winners

Best use of Costume

Sept 28, 2019

24 Hr Theatre Challenge Winners

Best Direction

Sept 28, 2019

24 Hr Theatre Challenge Winners


Best Acting

Sept 28, 2019

24 Hr Theatre Challenge Winners

Most Grit

Sept 29, 2019

24 Hr Theatre Challenge Winner

Best Script

Sept 28, 2019

24 Hr Theatre Challenge Winner

24 Challengers Actor Favourites

Sept 28, 2019

This award chosen by the participants

Links to Videos of Performances


A Sinking Feeling

Emily, Keia, Kyleigh, Nadia, Rebekah

On a ship in the middle of the ocean, an undercover detective attempts to find a thief before the grumpy captain pops a blood vessel and returns the ship to port.


Foreign Affairs

Gavin, Grant, Jonathan, Lauren, Rowan

A German tourist is on a
vacation to Mexico in search of the perfect horse. What he finds, takes him by surprise.


Forever Young

Anna, Avary, Ethan, Kayla & Max

Two teens, Nick and Jenni, spark an unexpected romance while at a party, but little do they know, the party was not the bash they were expecting. When they stumble upon a corpse, the couple run blindly into the dark forest. In the dead of night, they search everywhere for a helping hand, but what they find is much more terrifying.



Budzak, Brodribb, Pitry, Tough

After ten years, three women reunite to confront an otherworldly secret that they believed they buried, which tore their friendship apart.

Pictures from the 2 days of prep for the event located below.


Tentative Schedule of Events:

Friday Sept 27th: 3:30pm: Meet in the central cafeteria area of Bellerose Composite High School.

  • Bring your PROP, COSTUME or COSTUME PIECE, and 1 LINE of DIALOGUE with you.

  • Identify the actors, tech, and the director.

Depending on number of participants, plays will be no longer than 15 minutes in duration.

  •   Introductions and explanations of the logistics by event coordinators

  •  Each participant will come onto the stage and present their prop, costume, and line of dialogue.

5:00pm:  Students will be assigned rooms to work in, and must create an outline for their play.

  • REQUIREMENTS: you must use 1 prop, 1 costume or costume piece, 1 line of dialogue and 1 piece of tech (this will be provided by the venue).

  • Scripts must be written in proper script format and includes stage directions, tech requirements, and dialogue for no more than 3 actors. 

6:00pm: Dinner in central cafeteria area

6:45pm: Regroup and devise play, writing down important details, notes, dialogue. 

  • First draft of the script must be completed prior to leaving for the night

9:00pm: Meet in central cafeteria area for explanation of the following day events. 

  • Hand in all materials, include tech script.

9:15pm: Head home for the night.

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 01.09.23.png
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