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Drama 10-20-30

Course Work

Students in Drama move through a selection of study that involves Physical Theatre, Stage presence, acting skills, studying theorists and history of theatre. Students get involved in producing short scenes, developing the craft of directing, and presenting short performances to audiences. 

Drama 10: An interactive class with a focus on physicality and character creation. Other areas of exploration are: theatre-sports, theatre styles, movement, and speech. This fun, but structured, course builds the basic skills of each of these sections. We focus primarily on Ensemble working together, Mime, learning to use your voice, Staging and blocking, Mask making, basic puppetry, Greek Theatre, different styles of Theatres and how to utilize space well to communicate. 

Drama 20: Now moving into the art of playwriting and advanced puppetry. Students will write a short one-act play and move through the production process. Technical theatre is also explored at this intermediate level. This class focuses on developing those skills learned in Drama 10, but then further building them to understand how physicality can bring forward out presence on stage through power and status dynamics, studying stage design, advanced skills in blocking.  Students also learn about Brecht, mask use, shadow puppets and act in several short performances through the term, and will have a dedicated unit of script writing learning. 

Drama 30: Focuses on building on the skills learned in Drama 20, but further developing the concept of movement. Students study Laban technique, and how movement can communicate more than words. They also focus on different acting styles through Stanislavski, Meisner and Strasberg. Drama 30 students take on significant responsibility with directing either a short scene, or a 1 act play. They are required to consider all aspects of a performance from props, to costumes, set design, lighting, sound, to writing a script, to preparing their Look Book. Students in Drama 30 will develop their puppetry skills by studying Bunraku, and how Stage acting versus Film acting are the same yet different. 

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