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Advanced Acting

Second Term


Advanced Acting is a 5 credit course for students to work on increasing their skills in acting.  Students will focus on creating a live performance for an audience and follow the Direction of their teacher. Students will have opportunities to hone their craft, define their character and create a unique experience for the audience. 

While the majority of their marks will be gained from attendance to rehearsals and participation in the ensemble work, some assignments will be given to ensure that the knowledge learned in class has been understood. Students will audition for their roles and will be rehearsing after school.

First Year

This additional option was first introduced in the 2019/2020 school year. Students auditioned during the second term for the play 39 Steps, however due to the COVID-19 outbreak it was not completed or performed. Students continued to work on theory, line memorization, and physicality through online teaching. Eventually 39 Steps was placed to the side and focus was set instead on a radio play that could be performed online. For this reason the 1930s radio play script Dangerous Assignment was selected. Students learned how to create sound effects, set tone and mood through music, and show passage of time and location through auditory changes. Due to a heavy focus on auditory information and a lack of visual presentation students focused on voice acting and creating multiple characters through changes in tone, pitch, accent, and rhythm.

Play Selection:

39 Steps by Alfred Hitchcock

Canceled due to Covid-19

A Dangerous Assignment

June 2020

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