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How Do Auditions Work?

With COVID being such a large issue and a change in directorship our auditions looked pretty different this year than in past. Here's how we did it!



Auditions for the 2021 All Shook Up Musical were done entirely online. All parts of the audition were filmed at home by students. Participants joined a Google Classroom where they would hand in their videos as assignments. If students could not film themselves they were to contact Mrs. Judy Smallwood (Director) or Mr. Tomas Lindbeck (Conductor) to arrange an online meet or a socially distanced in person audition.


The audition was divided into three parts: a monologue, a dance, and a song. For the 2021 All Shook Up Musical students were offered two, twenty second monologues pulled from the script to choose from. They were asked to sing to a provided instrumental recording of "Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley as well. For the dance portion they were asked to record themselves doing the Macarena.


Our casting crew focused on the energy of participants and their ability to entertain. While skill and talent played a role in the decision making, we encouraged students to have fun with their auditions. Not everyone has extensive experience in the performing arts, and that's why we're here, to give students the chance to be on stage and perform.


Everyone! Auditions are a tool used to figure out who is best suited for which character, and they give our instructors a glimpse into who they'll be working with so they can better prepare. They are also a chance for our cast to get acquainted with the content of the musical before we begin rehearsals. Our program is designed to take in actors and performers of all levels to give everyone the chance to step in front of the curtain. 

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