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All Shook Up


A Musical Comedy

Set in the 1950s and inspired by the music of a musical icon, All Shook Up is a light hearted musical about taking your life into your own hands. Follow our favourite roustabout, Chad, as he sets out to save a small Midwestern town from a life without music. Featuring classic hits like "Jailhouse Rock", "Hound Dog", "Suspicious Minds" and other great songs. Will Chad be able to get the town dancing? Will true love be found? Will Elvis songs ever get old?

Come watch us this spring to find out!

Photo Galleries Now Availble!

Click below to see your favourite stars on stage:



Take a sneak peak at some of the behind the scenes magic that goes into the performances you love! Plus a hint at what's to come, this June!

It takes a lot of people to make the productions you know and love happen. Meet our crew and get a glimpse of theatre's hidden world!

Meet The Bosses

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Judy Smallwood


Finally stepping into the well-deserved spotlight! Mrs. Judy Smallwood is ready to tackle her first musical in the director's role here at Bellerose. Having stayed both behind the scenes with tech and on stage as an actress for many years her theatre experience is undeniable, and we can't wait to see what she does in her new role!


Tomas Lindbeck


Returning to his role of conductor, instructor, and singing coach, Mr. Tomas Lindbeck is the man with the music. After many years of music here at Bellerose we are eternally grateful that he continues to manage all levels of musical talent to present the awesome renditions you know and love!


Rebekah Konrad

Assistant Director

A Grade 11 student in her second year of Bellerose Theatre, Rebekah is thrilled to be on the team! Ready to learn and adapt as she helps direct and choreograph for the first time, Rebekah hopes to bring new ideas to the table to help make the theatre experience better for everyone involved.


Dan Brodribb

Associate Director

A man of all talents! Mr. Dan Brodribb has stepped up to help this production in more ways than one. With his years of experience under the spotlight we're so happy to have him sharing his insight with us in both directing and choreographing, as well as assisting our orchestra in their rehearsals.

How Are We Keeping COVID Safe?


Every member of our staff is required to wear a mask at all times. Additionally every cast member has been given their own singing mask and a clear mask for dialogue practice. 


It is our school policy  that all students and staff must use hand sanitizer before leaving or entering any room and the building. Cast members are expected to keep their assigned masks clean and sanitary.


This year our cast has been kept to under 20 individuals and our orchestra under 10. Attendance is taken at every rehearsal for contact tracing and cast staff members are only allowed at rehearsal if they are needed for the current task.

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