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Workshops * Field-trips * Guest Speakers

Seeking out the Experts

We are focused on encouraging students to meet and discuss ideas with experts in the field. Either by going out to these events, or bringing them in to us... we are actively seeking out ways to educate ourselves on new and interesting ways that Theatre is evolving, and improving our skills.  Check out the workshops, field-trips or Guest speakers here.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Citadel Theatre

A wonderful opportunity presented itself for students to gain first hand experience in Musical Theatre singing and acting workshop presented by Acting Musical Theatre Intensive School.


Stage and Stuntwork

Skype interview

Students were able to connect with Rob Hayter a Stunt Actor and coordinator working in Vancouver.  He shared some great insights and students learned what it takes to work in the film industry and in stunt work.


They would become us

Visit to a film Set

Two lucky students got to go to the Film set of They would become us film in Vegreville.  They met the director, and several other key people including lights, props, and continuiity experts.  They spent the day talking to casting experts and actors. A fabulous hands on experience to see if this is what they actually want to do in life!

Musical Singing Skills Workshop

With Meredith Gagnon

Meredith Gagnon came in to give some singing skills lessons to our Musical Theatre students to help the female voice increase its range, power and flexibility while singing. Thank you Meredith!

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