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Bellerose Theatre Program

An impressive amount of work goes into making each performance special and unique, which wouldn’t be possible without our talented crew both onstage and offstage. We’re proud to unite our students through their shared love for the arts and technical theatre. Students can focus on enhancing their skills through acting, attention to physicality and by using voice and body language to create character. 

Drama 10 is an interactive class with a focus on physicality and character creation. Other areas of exploration are: theatre-sports, theatre styles, movement, and speech. This fun, but structured, course builds the basic skills of each of these sections. Drama 20 incorporates all the skill areas of Drama 10 and moves into the art of playwriting and advanced puppetry. Students will write a short one-act play and move through the production process. Technical theatre is also explored at this intermediate level. In Drama 30, students will delve into theatre styles and acting process, they will also have a sound technical background, and will focus on producing a performance. The directing aspect of theatre is a major focus at this level; students will direct a actors in a performance that is presented in front of an audience.

Contact us for information about any upcoming programs in the school. We have several fun events planned.

  • Haunted Halloween​​​​

  • Anybody for Tea

  • Improv night

  • Thespian Inductions

  • Fashion Show

  • Talent Night

  • One Act Theatre festival

  • Playwriting activities

  • 24 Hour Theatre Challenge

  • Prop Museum Visit

  • ISTA Theatre Festival 

  • Thespian Festival BC

  • Guest artists and workshops

  • Thespian festivals



Get out your blue suede shoes everybody! We're bringing Elvis back baby! Come watch fantastic characters like Chad, Natalie, Miss Sandra, Dennis and more as they discover the power of music. Filled with romance, comedy, family, a little bit of magic, and packed with your favourite hits from the King of Rock and Roll this musical is bound to blow your socks off!


Not even COVID could keep us off the stage! However, we value the safety of our actors, tech staff, musicians, directors, and co-workers above all else. We are doing everything we can to ensure that we are not a source of transmission during this pandemic. We can't be on stage if we're sick! Wash your hands, wear your mask, and we'll see you in the audience!

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Bellerose Composite High School
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